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11 type of a wedding mehndi designs || White Beauty Tips

11 type of a wedding mehndi designs


(1) Paisley Print Pattern Mehndi

Paisley Print is a timeless classic. Curves are formed in many forms, such as the popular mango design.

Printed Mehndi Design
Tips: – Mehndi is installed two days before marriage so that Mehndi Ferry is done.

(2) Floral Mehndi Designs

Flow is treated as a neutral form. The bargain that they wear in any bridal outfits. This floral mehndi design has small leaves and large flowers design. Which are shed to make the depth. It is designed with different sized leaves and branches.

Floral Mehndi Designs


(3) Royal Architecture Mehndi Designs

This mehndi design features a detailed architectural design. Which is in the ancient Mughal palace. In the form of guns and flowers, Shahi is similar to the design carved in a cemented column of residence.

Royal Mehndi Designs
Tips: – Manicures and Pedicure are also done before the Mehndi.

(4) Mehndi Raja Rani (bridal mehandi )

Raja and Rani Motif groom Mehndi design are common. This design is an artwork from the Mughal era. And there are lilies coming in and other wedding mehndi designs such as Ganapati, Clash.

bridal mehandi
Tips: – Dry-up, sugar and lemon juice on your hands and feet, when the mehndi is dry to be on the mung beans. So the mehndi did not break up and make a color palette.

(5) Mehndi in Elephant henna

One of the most favorite bridal makeup designs is about elephant designs. An elephant’s henna pattern can be made with a separate pattern.

Elephant henna
Tips: – The hands should be wet with water and dry for 6 hours. The time for housework is night-time.

(6) Peacock Mehndi Design

A grand and spectacular bloom design is adopted everywhere at the Indian wedding ceremony. Bindi, Precision is designed like this.

Peacock Mehndi Design
Tips: – If your design is still moist, then your wrists, fingers, thumb and bend should be avoided and avoid withering.

(7) Vortex Mehndi Design

Flute pattern is placed on each finger after leaving the space between the palms and the fingers. This is a classic design for Brides.

wedding mehndi designs
Tips: – Clean the brush with a paddle or brush it after just 6 hours.

(8) checkered mehndi design

Checkered mehndi design is great way to make your mehndi design pop and give a break for complex patterns. Checked in the fingers.

mehndi design
Tips: – After applying mehndi, roast in mustard oil or cloves pans and shake handsomely. So the colors of the mehndi would be good.

(9) creepers and leaves mehndi designs

The creepers and leaves also make for great Mehndi design. They have a slim flowing structure. The girls who make beautiful designs in the hands.

wedding mehndi designs
Tips: – When choosing a design at a wedding mehndi designs so that the leaves are thin lines, the thinner lines are thin thin thistle.

(10) Colored mehndi

Colorful mehndi pattern includes stones to create glitter and colorful mesmeric art. Colors make for interesting looks. While this is not a design, it also puts Stone Mehndi’s Tomato Post in it. In the hands such as Die etc.

Colored mehndi

(11) Border Mehndi Design

Border mehndi design is put in place. Mehndi lotus is bordered in the rear of it. Border design is done on the feet. Border mehndi design is called. Do not go near Aishi, do not forget that Mehndi takes time to dry soon.

Border Mehndi Design


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