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Wedding Guest Makeup Styles 2019 – White Beauty Tips

Wedding Guest Makeup

Wedding Guest Makeup Step By Step

1). The Most important to Wedding Guest Makeup. M.A.C. Prep-Prime Fix on the First Face Helps keep the makeup longlisting.

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2). Applying the Benefit Cosmetic The Professional Prime which keeps our makeup longlisting. Keep Benefit. The one who minimizes the mouth on the moth This is the best prime.

3). MayBelline Foundation

The MayBelline Foundation, which gives a matte look on the Hamara moth. And offers the best coverage. Choose what you type on your skin. Blend with makeup sponge.

4). Makeup Revolutions concealer and Diffine concealer

This converter offers a good quote. Use the light hiding agent in the eye area to hide inside the eye, which hides the place. Blisters give good quality to blisters. Blend the concealer with a finger.

5). Makeup Revolutions Loose powder powder

Insert the powder in the eye area within the eye area, which does not fall if your eye crisp falls on the eye.

6). Benefit Cosmetic goof proof eyebrow pencil

A eyebrow pencil that is less eyebrow than your eyes and you should use this pencil.Which gives a good look. If the eyebrow is light then turn the brush on the first navel soap of the universe brush and turn it on your eyebrow and then apply a eyebrow pencil so that the shake looks good.

7). Maybelline Mascara

The maybelline Mascara, which gives good sound and curl.

8). Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Powder 310 Sun Big

maybelline Fitmatic Matte Compact Powder which gives a matte finishing look on your skin. Inside the Eyes area.

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9). Eyeshadow plate which is inserted on eye eyelid. The smoky, the dark, which gives the eye a look. Eye shadow is use most important to Wedding Guest Makeup.

10). Liner M.A.C

Now make eyeballs slightly blinder on the eye. The eye is a pretty good look.

11). Hoola Matte Bronzer

Chuck, nose piercing which looks slim. And feel perfect.

12). Blushar

Choose blusher makeup Revolutions. That looks your cheek Pinkie.

13). M.A.C Highlight

Use the Max Highlight which is the best fit to Wedding Guest Makeup. On the lips on the nose, on the cheek, forehead.

14). Lipstick (Pink Color)

Use Lipstick Matte Maybelline which gives good looks.

Product Used: –

  1. M.a.c Prep + Prime Fix.
  2. Benefit Cosmetic The professional Face Primer.
  3. Benefits ” Hoola Matte Bronzer Mini.
  4. Benefit Cosmetic Goof Proof eyebrow pencil.
  5. Benefit Cosmetic 3D Brow tone eyebrow enhancer.
  6. Maybelline Foundation- c310.
  7. Makeup Revolutions concealer.
  8. Maybelline Matte Powder.
  9. Makeup Revolutions Blusher Plate.
  10. Huda Beauty Eyeshadow.
  11. M.a.c Mineralize Finishing Fineness – Soft.
  12. M.a.c Loose Powder.
  13. Maybelline Mascara.
  14. Maybelline Kajal.

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