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Simple makeup looks for daily skin – White Beauty Tips

Simple makeup looks for daily skin

Simple makeup looks :- First take a piece of ice to rub on the skin so that the oil on the skin is removed. And tweaks the skin. If the makeup remains makeup long lasting.

Forest Essentials Soundarya Radiance Cream

Simple makeup looks use the Moisturizer creams so your makeup looks natural Use a good brand of moisturizer creams.

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L’Oreal Base Monique transforming smoothing primer

Using Laurel Primer, which is perfect for the oiled skin. Use the silicon primer for the oil skin, which gives a matte look. Which keeps makeup long-lasting. If you have problem with OpenPOS, then minimize it. Give Rest for 5 Minutes.

simple makeup looks

PAC HD Liquid Foundation – 4.0

The foundation of PAC is in Liquid which is only for the oil skin. For those who have a good look, use the Liquid Foundation or the Powder Foundation for the Oily Skin, which is a Matte Foundation.

L’Oreal Paris True Match Concealer-NA-5 Medium

The sensor is good for the oilskins. Which is good for the Dark Circle. Dark Spot does not appear.

Bharat & Dorris Loose Powder Big -NO4

Immediately after lining the penis, it is not necessary to have a powder in the pan. Consulver powder or mix well.

Lakme 9 to 5 Primer + Matte Powder Foundation Compact – Silky Golden

simple makeup for everyday of Liquid compact powder that makes your makeup matte. So your makeup appears in Longlisting. The oil is a good one for the skin. Lusapadder Applying the lid so the Eye Makeup remains Long Lasting.

Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil – 01 Black

Smoothing on the ice with ice-cream and using the oil skin that has the oil skin should be used more.

Heart Revaluation And Heart Chocolate – Rose Golden

This eyeshadow plate, which gives the look of the eye a good look. Which makes the beauty of the eye.

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Innisfree Auto Eyebrow Pencil – Espresso Browne

Eyebrows pencil that makes eyebrow black. Which gives a brilliant look to makeup.

Nykaa eye bold Kajal Eyeliner

This is Kajal Long Lusting which is not available on Makeup Remover. Which is a good brand.

Maybelline New York Fishes Push Up Drama Mascara

Maybelline mascara is waterproof, which gives good cal ant volumes.

Wet N Wild Megaflop Contouring Platte

Doing this brand contour while doing selfie face.

Maybelline Blusher

Maybelline blusher gives a good rose-chic look.

Makeup Revolution Pro Highlighter

Chuck, nose, port, give shine so much.

Lipstick and Makeup Setting Spray

Lipstick gives you a nice look and a spraying makeup setting that helps make a good look of makeup and keeps long time.

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