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Rebonding the hair Process

  1. Rebonding the hair Process Material List
  2. Hair Rebinding Kit
  3. Ceramic or Titanium Pulled Aryan Straight
  4. A lightweight shampoo like Pantene Pro V which also helps to strengthen your hair.
  5. One conditioner
  6. Hand gloves and Applicator brush
  7. Old T-shirts and haircut

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Rebonding the hair at home

Rebonding the hair at home

Clean your hair as usual and dry it on medium heat.

Separate your hair in different sections using bronze. Fast in sections using haircut.

Apply a cream or cream softener on your hair. When you do this, do not forget to wear gloves, they usually need to stay for at least 30 minutes. But it is necessary to read the instructions on the rebooting kit in advance.

Keep steam hair steamer for 10 to 30 minutes. If you do not have a hair steamer, you can wrap a towel in boiling water and wrap it around your hair by squiggering hot water. Remember to wear gloves while drilling the towel in water. How long you keep the towel depends on the information shown in the kit.

Wash the rest completely and wash your hair.

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Cover your hair with a carotonic lotion.

Strain your hair with flat air until it is straightforward.

Once again, separate your hair into sections. Apply the nitrogen of each section and let it stay for 30 minutes.

Wash your hair in cold water and dry it until it is cracked.

Do any hair in your hair with flat irons.

The best part of this treatment is that you can enjoy countless
rebonding hair style hair for hair restraints with this system.
If you follow these steps and the treatment properly, you are not likely to suffer from any rebounding side effects.

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