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Pedicure at home naturally Step by Step || White Beauty Tips

Can Pedicure at home naturally. And today I can sit at home and you can clean your feet cleanly. Doing this keeps feet beautiful.

Pedicure at home naturally

Pedicure at home naturally

1. Content

To get started, you have to collect Pedicure content. Supermarket, get most of the content on the beautician.
Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover
A big bowl for your feet
Toenail Clippers and Toenail File
Pumice stone or similar assortment
Foot Moisturizer
A cutter pusher and cuticle clippers
Toe divider
Q Tips
Cotton balls
Exfoliating Prison

2. Remove your old nail

Take the cotton cloth to remove the nail polish, by removing the nail remover and cleaning the nails. Pedicure at home naturally is very easily and good look.

3. Soak the sea salt

To remove the dead skin you want to make the skin wet and dry on your feet. Sea salt can help with this. And it also prepares your trunk for care.
Fill your bowl with hot water and dead sea salt.
For 10 minutes your feet will be filled in the basin.

4. Cut the nails and file toenails

Take a tensioner clipper and clip your tone directly to them. They should be so short that they are also on top of your thumb. Giving nice curved shape.
You need to use your brass nail to file your tones.

5. Ford spot on your feet with your foot file

Use your pumice stone or similar substances to rub the blisters on your feet and remove the rubbing of stains on the difficult areas such as stone and your big toe.

6. Exfoliate

You want to keep your skin tight after removing rough spots. Your feet get the face of any dead skin. Take your bloating gel and rub the areas you enter and rub it gently, but when you’re done with enough power to wash any flaky skin. Wash the feet and wash it with a towel.

7. Your Feet Moisturizer

Exfoliating and Filing Procedure After you dry your feet a little, you want to apply how many males intend to fill the oil.
Cancel the amount of generous on your feet.

8. Put your toes in the divider and apply the base coat

Take your toes separator and fit on your feet, the thumb separator has plastic devices with slits for each toe. They are designed to make space between your toes just like your work.
Do not use more than two brush stock to apply base coat. If there are uneven layers or strokes, use them.

9. Add a top coat

Once your tunnels are completely dry, apply one layer of the top coat. This will make your tones look shiny and your polish will last longer. Once the top coat is turned on, let it dry completely.

10. Clean around the edges of your nails with Q-Tip

While you work slowly and carefully, a part of the nail polish may be spread over the skin around your nails. If you want your manicure to look professional, take a Q-tip in the nail polish and remove the rough edges or wet polish with the skin of your nails.

11. Re-apply the Material Moisturizer

It is a good idea to add a second layer of the nodular nucleus after you have finished your nails, because the product used in nail polish is rigid.

manicure at home naturally

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