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Manicure at home naturally is necessary. And today I can sit at home and you can clean your hands and nails cleanly.

How to do manicure at home naturally

Manicure at home naturally

1. Prepare your tools to manicure at home naturally

Nail Polish, Base Cotton and Topcote
Cotton balls
Q- tips
Bowl filled with hot water and humid bath gel
A group of maneuver tools that include a stubborn pusher and a cuticle blade.
Critical Male Prudence

2. Choose acetone free nail polish remover

Acetone nail polish remover works to quickly remove the polish. They contain rigid chemicals.
You should choose an acetone-free Polish remover.

3. To remove the previously applied nail polish

To get started, any previous polishing must be removed. If you do not have the old Polish on the nails, then this may be rigid on your nails. Instead press the remover a cotton ball and swab your nails softly.

4. Your planks Moisturizer

Before applying any polish you should make your create a moisturizer. This helps maintain moisture keeping your nails healthy.
Near the roots of your acne, there is a small skin flick. Which is known as a cutlet. The skin has a slight moist nerve on the skin.
Massage cream in your skin gradually until cream lambi beats dissolve in your skin.

5. Make your hands dry for 2 minutes

Take a bowl of hot water filled with a shower gel. Put your fingertips in a bowl. Let it dry for 2 minutes.

6. Push your planks back and cut the old baskets

Take your catalyst. Use this as a plastic stick to slow down each of your cuticles so that they can merge your fingers with the skin. Adult browns will emerge from the backpack plates. Take your cutlery cutter and cut the blade with the length of your cuticles.

7. Clip and shape your nails

If your nails are not in your desired size and shape, you should now be shredded cut. You can make rich use of nail clipper and nail file to do this. You also need to use nail ice to make the tip of the nail easier.

Take a nail trim file at your desired length and file it in a good shape. Salon style managers usually insert nails in square shapes. Or round the nails. Draw each nail upwards to make square appearance. And then make the assume slightly soft so that it is not very sharp. File in a single direction for rounded look.
Avoid using a metallic file as this can be very difficult. Use Anne Board or Crystal Nail File

8. Add Base Coat

Base coat will make your nails safe from polishing by polishing. It will make nail polish easier.
Use a stroke to cover your nails in the base coat.
You can make your nails dry your nails with hairdressers.

9. Add a nail of polish

Start polishing with a thin nail. Do not worry if you have a little light, when you add another nail it will be darker. Apply two to three strokes with base coat if you use a stroke to make any unevenness.
The drying process is equal to the base coat.

10. Clean around the edges of your nails with Q-Tip

When you work slowly and carefully, a little part of the nail polish can be spread over the skin around your nails. If you want your Manicure at home naturally professional look, press the Q-tip in the nail polish, then take a Q-tip and remove any rough edge or wet polish with the skin of your nails.

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