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The best way to do your makeup remover at home

Makeup is done every day and we use regular makeup remover at home. There are plenty of chemical chemicals which cause wear in the skin, which harm your skin.

makeup remover at home

DIY makeup remover pad for each skin type

The moist effect comes from coconut oil, which is good for both dry and aging skin. For people with oily or acne-oxygenated skin, you can cut coconut oil according to your skin type.

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how to make diy makeup remover

1 cup – water
11/2 teaspoon – Baby Shampoo
1 teaspoon – coconut oil
1-3 drops lavender oil

Take the microwave or (dumbbell) coconut oil + water + shampoo and essential oils until liquidated.
Put the lid on the jar and shake it well. Insert in simple squid bottles.
Store in a cool place.

How to make makeup remover with reusable pads at home.

Cotton cloth or skin is comfortable.
Seam machine

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The cotton shirt should be soft absorbent as well as it works perfectly.
Making a nice choice to use them to overcome makeup remover at home.
To overcome makeup, cut 24 square pieces to sew together in 12 peds.
Once your fabric is cut, use your sewing machine to connect the flat square (cotton cloth) together.
Trim the corners, then flip each pad from inside so that the inside is inside.
Fold the end borders down and close it.
To overcome the makeup, first removing the homemade makeup remover, massage with the homemade makeup remover pads by massage on the skin. The skin is not clean and does not affect any kind of skin.

Cleansing you reusable Makeup Remover Pads

You can toss makeup remover ped in your washing machine to make cleaning.
I can clean my bathroom. I want to keep Zipidrid Laundry Bag and when I use it, I throw the pad in the bag. Once I can wash all the pads using a washing machine, you can use it.
Clean the detergent and keep it in a clean compartment.

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