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Lakme Party Makeup – Perfect Six Step || White Beauty Tips

How To Prepare Your Skin Before Makeup

1. Cleansing Your Face 
2. Using A Toner 
3. Applying Moisturizer 
4. Wearing Sunscreen

Lakme Party Makeup

Step-1: – First Face Makeup Tip (Prepping) Prepare Your Skin by Applying Moisturizer or Hydrating Serum to ensure your skin is palpable. In this way, Hydrating Lakme Party Makeup is a perfect skin glass gel crack.

Step-2: – To cover you in the dark circles of eye, start by using the Absolute White Intense Concerizer (Stick 01 Fair). Add The same area where you want to highlight, such as in the middle of the nose, on your forehead, Stretch your fingers with a simple finish for blending on the sides.

How to make a party makeup for girls

Step-3:-  Then apply the Lakme Absolute White Intense Foundation (shade 06) in a shade that is suitable for your color on your face and neck and then blend.

Step-4: – To bring a good glow to your face and to hide the foundation. Stack the Lecture Absolute Intense Compound  later (Beige Honey). Use the powder brush and make your face look ready.

Step-5: – Highlight your eyes with Lax 9 to 5 Eye Quart in Desert Shades. Apply it to a cold look at the inner corners of the eye. And rotate on the eyelid.

Step-5: –
1. Lakme Absolute Kohl Ultimate Kajal.
2. Lakme Absolute Gloss Liquid Liner.
3. Lakme Absolute Flutter Secrets Mascara.
Make your eyes more define with Laksham, complete Kohl Ultimate Kajal. apply the color to your water surface more deeply. Follow this with the Lakemo full gloss artist Liquid Liner and apply a thin line to the upper fash liner with extended flick for drama signal. Touch the final and apply the full Flutter Secrets mascara to your upper and lower lid in the outer direction.

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