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Information on how to make the four most important types of Indian eye makeup. Read the following to know how to make its type and how it works.

1). Brown and Gold Soft Eye Makeup

Use Brown and Gold Eyeshadow to look at this beautiful Eye Shadow.

What you need to make Brown and Gold Eyeshadow.

  1. Brown Eyeshadow
  2. Gold Eye Shadow
  3. Thin brush
  4. Brush eye shadow mix
  5. Mascara and Eyeliner
Indian eye makeup

How to Make Brown and Gold Soft Eye Makeup.

  1. Insert a brown shadow on the liner and outer corners of your eye using a thin brush.
  2. Use the Gold Eye Shadow with a flat brush.
  3. Use a thin brush to enhance your lower face line with brown and gold.
  4. Make a liner mascara after your eye is shadowed.
  5. This look is most suitable for eye color. But it does pop out more on light eyes.

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2). Soft Smokey Eye Makeup

This soft smokey eye makeup look is great for evening and night out. It feels tropical and warm.

What you need to make a soft smokey eye makeup.

  1. Flat Eye Shadow Brush
  2. Grab eyeshadow brush
  3. Brown Eye Shadow Brush
  4. Black Eye Shadow Brush
  5. Black liner
  6. Mascara
soft smokey eye makeup

How To Make A Soft Smokey Eye Makeup.

  1. Using Primer. Eye shadow covers your eyelids. This way your mapp is long time.
  2. Your upper and lower water line lines with Black Eye Liner Pencil.
  3. Use a soft brown eyed shadow to cover the area below the bottom of the eyelid with the flat brush and the bottom right corner of your lower latency.
  4. Repeat the process using Black Eye Shadow.
  5. Have a nice look for other events.
  6. This Makeup is very use full in indian eye makeup.

3). Gold Festive Eyes Makeup

This gorgeous gold Eyeshadow with winged liner looks beautiful which looks bright youthful.

What you need to do to create Gold Festive Eyes.

  1. Brown Eyeliner Pencil
  2. Flat Eyeshadow Brush
  3. Mix brush
  4. Gold Eye Shadow
  5. Black Fluid Eyeliner
Indian eye makeup

How to Make a Gold Festive Makeup.

  1. Using the brown alexander. Draw a semi-circle on your upper eyelid crease, just fill the outer corner and mix the product with a flat brush and make it easier until there’s no rigid line.
  2. Make Golden Eye Shadow in Canvas.
  3. Use eyeliner on your upper latina by using a liquid layer. And finally make mascara on leeches.

4). Crease Smokey Eye Makeup

What you need to make a crease smokey eye makeup.

  1. Black Elephant Pencil
  2. Thin brush
  3. Flat Brush
  4. Angle Brush
  5. Highlight
  6. Mascara
Indian eye makeup

How to make a crease smokey eye makeup.

  1. Draw with your crease line and upper lash line using your black eyeliner pencil and make an outer corner first.
  2. Use a thin brush to fill the outer angles to the lowerline line and mix the product equally.
  3. Apply a dark eye shadow to release interior corners and brow bones using flat brush.
  4. Use your flat brush to cut the liner on your lower latency to make a smoky effect.
  5. Make your waterline look using your black liner with your angular brush. And then mascara.
  6. Crease smokey eye makeup is a popular indian eye makeup.

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