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How to use neem leaves for hair

How to use neem leaves for hair

How to use neem leaves for hair:- Neem tree uses antiseptic and healing properties.
Neem leaf remedy for various problems of your hair.
Dandruff is reduced by using water and neem leaves as constipation.

1. Hair loss and bolting

High fatty acids of the neems are extremely beneficial for skull health.
Especially those who suffer from hair follicles and increased lumps of boulders. An additional sambam product can stimulate hair loss by covering the scalp of the skin on the skull.
Clogging is an irritating scalp. That takes a toll on your roots. And hurts you.
Washing the head with neem water cleans the head.
Neem’s newborn properties can be used in its best use with easy moist oil massage. An expert is to massage your scalp with neem oil and increase the circulation of blood in the scalp.

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Helps to grow hair growth.
You can also mix bell oil with coconut oil along with any of your favorite violet oils for effective results.
Applying a slapper lemon paste results in positive results until the hair growth.
Put the dried dumpling powder in the head and pour a little water, with a little fingers.
Sit for 30 minutes. Let’s wash with cold water.

2. For dandruff

Dandruff is due to the fungus. Malezija, which feeds on oily secretions from the skin above the membrane. And dead skin cells that have a natural problem due to the formation of new skin.

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What to do.

Beating with balm oil is the most effective remedy to beat hair lap. However you can make it at home
Add some neem leaves to coconut oil and take it in a boil. Then add a few lemon drops and gently massage this oil on your skull. Give it a shimmering stay by staying overnight and wash the shampoo with a light hand.
Named and curd mixture is the ideal way to control dandruff. This paste helps in filling the skull on the skin. Paste neem leaves for hair. Add it to a bowl bowl and apply it to all of your skulls. Leave it for 15-20 minutes and then wash it.
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