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how to make mehndi-Henna Paste


Indian Mehndi Arts- Henna Mehndi Paste

The art of wearing mehndi is centuries old tradition of adorning women’s hands and feet with ornate designs that are more like temporary tattoo. The following information about how to make mehndi. 

1) Bridal mehndi  is in the hands and feet on the occasion of marriage. The paste of leafy leaves of mehndi Henna trees is placed in hand.

2) Mehndi found in market conflicts with some chemicals. Which gives a more intense color.

how to make mehndi

3) Honey trees are used to make mehndi. Which is the Botanical name (losonia Amethyst).
4) Collect small leaves of hay mahandi trees and make a paste of juice mixed with grinder. After adding a little dried juice of chuna, add two teaspoons of lemon, nilgir oil, and make it medium paste for 10 to 20 minutes.
5) Make cone until paste is ready. (Paper)
6) Take a paper to fill the mehndi henna paste. A plastic bag of clothes to make a cone with a water non-absorbent paper.
7) Take a square paper. Make a cone to create a sandstep. Then cut extra plastic paper.
8) Use a spoon to apply mehndi henna paste in the cone.

9) Henna cosmetics mehndi is being taken for treatment for at least 5000 years. the use of mehndi is absored in the hands and the heat in the foot. The head cooled down by putting mehndi in the head. Henna mehndi design is paint in hand and feet. Where the color is dark. Mehndi is use in a wedding or other small-time fashion in india.

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