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How to massage face – Seven Step || White Beauty Tips

How to massage face: – Seven types of new techniques are used to Face massage. The seven types of information are shown as follows.

Remove them from their late toes.
Any massage that gets the massage should be removed from any makeup that is its stomach. Makeup duplication will be inserted into a re-established massage product.
• Sift your tools.
Set up you and someone else’s towel. Milky face lotion, face mask, rinse, toner and males.
Wash your hands
You’re on the fragile skin of any freshly-wash face. The last thing you want to do is spread the insects or bacteria. Wash your hands perfectly.

1. Sit or place them below

How to massage face:- The person who sleeps on the massage bed or is sitting in his chair is an armamental massage. Normal will help to narrow down a rolled towel behind his head. Close their eyes and rest.

2. Apply lotion to the face

Apply hypoallergenic millie face lotion to your face and gradually absorb the lotion non-viscous light and easily absorb it into the skin. As you massage the face, male etiquette will absorb and hydrate the skin. As well as reduce friction between the face and your hands. Do not apply too much pressure on the first. Do not apply straight lotions on the face. Apply it to your hands first.

3. Massage their forehead

Start with the fingers Before putting your face on the forehead. Move it up and around with a circular motion even push, often forward and backward. This strains away. And ensures that the person who is doing the massage keeps their eyes closed.

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Use rounded speed here and elsewhere Rounded motions for the face is ideal.

4. Massage Passion Points

First moderate the body using only your fingertips. Apply soft pressure on both sides, repeat 2-3 times or more as desired. Depending on the person, you can increase your pressure by using more of your thumb or your hand.

5. His Checkbonus Massage

Push light on the skin using fingers only, then slowly gently rub your ears before moving your hands slightly under the checkbonus at each side. Circular is also good. Push as much as you feel comfortable on the face.

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6. His jaw and lower cheek (massage)

Keep the thumb under the jaw, your index fingers point to rest against both sides of the nose. Then move your whole arm up and down so that they move the ear to the cheek, beautiful massage the other cheeks just like you massage the cheeks.

7. Around Their Eyes (Massage)

Using your fingers, you can push the ears behind and circle the ears and apply pressure on the head and neck. When you slide toward the creed. Massaging the ears is often comfortable.

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Mask their face (comfortable)
Most facial masks need to be left for some time to be effective on their face. When you are waiting for this time to pass You can massage the neck and the shoulder gradually.
Wash their faces and apply toner
If you use a mask on it, clean it completely. If it is easier, then apply toner and light facial moisturizer if you want it.

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