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How to make tinted lip balm at home || White Beauty Tips

Information on how to make tinted lip balm at home. This lip balm made at home gives you a natural glow. And lipstick runs on long-time lips.

Items needed to make homemade tinted lip balm

How to make tinted lip balm at home

tinted lip balm

Soybean oil
Honey fly
Oil-based petroleum jelly

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That saw me in full crude and tried to mix some of my own tips.
Leap Malm / 3 pots of gloss have colored drop, 3 teaspoons and 4 teaspoons, respectively, while they do not offer excessive holographic color.
So if you are tired of lipstick, I’m a chemical chemical product. Which damages the leap.
Lipstick matte Joe Leip’s moisturiser chooses. Which snatches the natural beauty.
So the homemade leap balm is a natural glow.

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