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How to Make Simple Makeup Instead of the Beauty Skin

How to Make Simple Makeup

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How to Make Simple Makeup Instead of the Beauty Skin:- Cleaner stimulates the oil production much better. Or is a skin care product like Foundation. It is important to use a spill-proof. It is enough to clean, swipe or smooth the glide, moist, highlight or prime. And it gives a good quote on your face.

How to Make Simple Makeup

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What to do before making a makeup

The basic make-up tips that make you easy make-up make you clean the face. Makeup Products Use a Good Logging If your makeup looks natural that looks natural.

How you prepare your face.

Pre-make-up routine is nothing but cleaning your regularity toned-moisturizer oil-free face. Which keeps your face hydrated. So make-up looks right.

11 Step To How to Make Simple Makeup

1. Wash your face

Use the appropriate cleanser for your skin type. Dry skin types should use cream-based cleansing, while the use of gel-based fabrication of oily skin types.

2. Skin Tone

Use oil and acne-prone skin cotton ball to reduce viscous appearance. Press some toner on your face and neck.

3. Apply Moisturizer

Before applying make-up on the face, do the skin with hydrate. In addition to keeping the skin healthy and superb, one male antitrust helps to smoothly make makeup easier. When dry and sensitive skin types go for oil-based moisturizer. Water-based moisturizer should be selected in oil-type skin types. Snatches the holes.

4. Face Primer (M.A.C.)

The biggest support for primer makeup is set. It gives a good look. You buy a perfect face premiere for your skin type. You can use bb cream, ciri cream and colored moist. Sunscreen can also be used.

5. Concealer Dark Circles and Dark Spot (Maybelline concealer )

The dark spots in the face of the consultant face, the dark circles below the eye, are the largest part of the condition. While more complex make-up interests, such as HD and Airbrush make-up, are used for color correction of porous tolts. Masks any rash, dark hairs and big holes.

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6. Apply Foundation (Bobbi brown)

Foundation Use the Foundation on your skin color. Which should be a little bit different than coloring your skin. That comes with your make-up nail.
Applying on the face with foundation sponge or foundation brush. Which should be matte. Which no longer lives on your face.

7. Huda of Single Color

Clean the soft squash color for regularity of smooth makeup. You can try out lazy pink or dark shades.
Eyeshadow Brown, Pink Pick.

8. Liner (M.A.C)

After making a shoe, make lines to give your eye shape.
But an easy makeup look does not require a fancy winged-liner look or a double-liner style, but it increases a simple stroke to define your eyesight.
You can use pencil liner.
The liquid liner shade is darker, sharper.

9. Mascara (L’Oreal)

Mascara curls your image so that it looks like a volume-groove. So your eye shape make-up emerges.

10. Eyebrow

Eyebrows are blue and some are brown. Make a face appearing on the face and face with a beetle shape.

11. Leap Color (M.A.C.)

Before using any make-up on your lips, use an old toothbrush to gently clean the skin on the skin of the lips and gently, and then make your lips a mousuralizer. Use lipstick to use lipstick.

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