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How To Make Makeup

Make up

How to Make Makeup Prepare to Full Details to eyes, hair, skin Makeup)  We have to know the type of the skin, the shape of the nose, lips and eyes, the colour shades of hair and skin. We choose suitable colour shades for the event, which we do make up for ( clothes, skin colour, eyes, hair ).

With a sponge or fingers on the skin we put on some make up suitable for the type of skin and skin colour. We put it on softly and all over the face and also partly to hair around the face.

With a round brush we put some powder on the face and ears, and the neck as well. When we use more shades of powder, the line mustn´t be noticeable.

Eye makeup tips

We choose suitable eye shadows and we apply them with an eyeshadow brush or a smudge brush. Finally we use a mascara to paint eyelashes. We use it to darken, thicken and lengthen the eyelashes. We should change the mascara once of year to prevent pink eyes.

eye makeup tips


False eyelashes – we use them, when go on a social event and for which we need a special makeup. They aren´t suitable for daily use because they are very conspicuous. We use the false eyelashes after makeup, but we put eyelines on the lids after the application.

Face makeup

We start to put on a small amount of powder blusher and we add more step by step. We also put a little powder blusher on the chin. It´s good to brighten up all makeup.

Lips makeup

The upper lip has got 3 parts.

With a lipliner we draw a proper line around the lips before makeup. The lipliner should have the same colour like the lipstick. We apply the lipstick with a flat lip brush and we do it from the corner to the middle.

lip makeup

When we use a lip brush, the lipstick resists on lips longer.

Then we can use some lip gloss to highlight the lips. We never put on any lipstick, when lips are cracked or they are peeled. In this case we use some balm lips makeup.

how to make up face

Face correction

1 Oval is an ideal face shape.

We dress: shading with powder ( dark and light )

putting on powder blusher

putting on eye shadows and an eyeliner

highlighting upper or lower lips

matching with hairstyle and glasses

how to make up face


2 Long = Oblong

  • narrow chin

  • high forehead

  • eyes close to each other

  • long nose


  • when we have narrow lips, we highlight the upper lip.

3 Square

  • high forehead

  • wide lower jaw

  • straight line around hair

  • eyes can be wider to each other


  • we apply lighter powder blusher from the cheekbone to the nose

  • darker make up on the forehead sides and the lower jaw

  • under eyes lighter make up

  • we highlight the upper lip

4 Pear

-the upper part is narrower

-small forehead

-the middle and lower parts are wider

-full cheek and round chin

-eyes close to each other


  • we put on powder blusher very gently ( only natural colour)

  • we put lighter colour on the chin and forehead.

  • darker on the both sides

5 Round

  • this face look likes very young and pleasant

  • eyes close to each other

  • wide nose

  • full cheeks

  • wide and round forehead


  • we put darker make up on the forehead sides

  • and lighter in the middle of forehead and on the chin

  • we put powder blusher closer to the middle of cheeks

  • we highlight the upper lip

6 Heart

  • long wide forehead

  • narrower chin

  • eyes can be wider to each other

  • protruding cheekbones


Same Correction to Long Oblong

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