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How to make Hair Rose Oil and Rose Mask at Home

There are different types of hair Rose oil. That is what happens in our hair shoots. When the crew is getting rough in our sun. To bring hair shine, we have many types of masks, spas, hairdressing, which have plenty of things like chemicals. Which damages our hair.
It is necessary to take care of our hair in daily life. By swearing from evening to night, dirt sticks in the head like a garbage. And lose our head shine.

Hair Rose Oil and Rose Mask at Home

Hair Rose Oil

Homemade Rose Oil

Rose – 10
Olive Oil – Growth in Hair Growth
Castor Oil + Almond Oil – 2 tablespoons

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In a bowl of a glass, leave the rose leaves in it. Wash the rose leaves with clean water.
Take oil according to the growth of hair. Heat the oil a little. (Heating in the middle)
Add 2 teaspoons of almond oil to warmed oil and stir.
Put the rose leaves in a hot oil And Put the leaves in this oil and stir the wire for one day.
Put the Hair rose oil head on the second day for Rs.
Massage with fingers on your head so that it fits in your head’s skin with a light hand. The other day wash with medium warm water.
There is a good shine in your head.
Do 3 times a week.

Rose homemade mask

10 – Crush the rose leaves.
Take 1 -white egg.

Take a glass bowl. Paste the roses of rose leaves in a glass bowl.
Incubation of rose leafy paste Wave this mask for 10 minutes.
Wash and wash hair.
Shave this mask in hair.
Keep the mask in the head for 1 hour.
Wash the hair and make the conditioner so that Shining is coming in your head.
Do this mask 1 times a week.

Rose’s Leaf

T-Tree Oil

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Crush the rose leaf and paste it. Paste the paste in the paste and stir well. Put oil in t-tree oil in which the hair does not dry out, soak oil. Your hair retains the natural oil.
Keep this mask in a bowl for 10 minutes.
Applying a rose mask to your headline and upper side, which maintains your routine.
Keep hairpiece in the head for 45 minutes. Wash and do the garnier conditioner.
Hair is a nutritional vitamin net. Which equals your crease and rough hair.

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