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How to make chocolate massage and make up girls

Chocolate massage

Chocolate is a source of energy and good mood but it also refreshes the skin. When proportion of chocolate massage is higher (80% and more), it´s better. The client lies on the cosmetic bed. After that the skin is soft a prepared for the massage. For the massage we use special dry cosmetic raw material or emulsion. Dry powder is mixed with almond, coconut or macadam & massage oil to make thick substance. The first massage strokes are very soft and slow, then the intensity and rate of strokes are higher. Finally the massage is given slowly again. After the massage we can cover the client, which is suitable for relaxing. After the treatment we can offer the client a chocolate sweet or a cup of hot chocolate.

Chocolate massage affects all body senses. It´s good for relaxing, getting rid off toxics and slowing down aging. This massage smoothes the skin and suitable for cellulite. It isn´t recommended to pregnant women, people with acne, eczema, allergy and

chocolate massage


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