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How to make a party makeup for girls || White Beauty Tips

How to make a makeup for a party

Prepare for the party is not just dress and hair. Makeup for your face is an outlook and Makeup is like an everyday life. Party Makeup  enhances your face and gives a very good look.

1. Clear your face

Before you apply makeup on your face, you have to wash it and remove any excess oil or dust. Use a gentle steamer and wash your face with warm water and then dry it with a towel. If you are going to a party at night and make a Party makeup from the day, remove the face remover with cotton clothes before washing it.

2. Moisturizer to your face

Moisturizer has to do before the Party makeup. Burden that it naturally restores oil. And your face is ticking out from drying. And make felki. Use the appropriate Moisturizer for your skin type and it is the only oil-free and non-composite so that it can not strip the holes. Apply a Quarter-sized Moisturizer drop on your face.

3. Apply the premiere

Primer goes ahead before your remaining makeup and helps keep your makeup for a long time. Gives your Mac Matte look to the face. Primer Sponge the fingers with a few small points in the forehead in your forehead, nose and cheeks.

4. Use the Foundation

After your prime go, conjure up with your fingers or foundation brush. Choose a foundation shade for your skin type and use the foundation shade with your color. Start by applying the foundation on your face point of focus (your forehead, nose, cheek and chin) to adequately blend your foundation. Mash the outside of your face, outside the face, outside your face.

5. Concept Blamation or Dark Circle

(Console) Cloth that matches your skin color. Hide your small faults from doppler. Mix it slowly with your middle finger and hide it using the middle fingers. Because the finger of the index can bring you more pressure. You can also highlight your eye with your bottom eyelid and with a little composite hiding. Highlight gives the look of a nature.

6. Set your makeup with powder

 (Compact) powder also helps you stay in your Party makeup. Keeps your face look oily. Use a powder brush, after a powder brush, gradually consume the powder on your face. Finish using downward stocks. This small hair on your face will inevitably keep from squished in the exotic direction. Make sure you choose the powder. Who also gets your skin color.

7. Apply Bronzer to the square

 Apply Bronze Bronze to one color or two in color, to add some color to your face and to contour. Use a broad motion with a brush on your face. Start with your forehead, move forward in your cheeks, and then end up on your cool. Bronzer With your hairline, upper forehead, below your chebbone and below your journey. Bronzer will help add a little color and depth to your face.

Eye Makeup

1. Apply an eyelid primer

Sip your finger in the premiere and apply a thin layer below the face above your eyelid. This premiere will help your eyeshadow for a long time. In the same way you use other primers. Before applying the rest of your Party makeup, Premiere needs to absorb your skin and sit for a minute or more.

2. Choose a cover color

• If you are going to an event, you may choose to use Chemery Eyes.
For brown eyes: – Burden or Brown is neutral color. You can go with copper, purple, and blues.
Hazel for eyes: – Pastel and Metallic looks best for this eye color. Help to light those light blue eyes
For blue eyes: – Soft tones like coral and bubbly are often the best on blue eyes.

3. Apply the eyeshadow

Start by applying a neutral shadow below the face above your upper eyelid, light on the eye shadow, and then mix it in cream with a eyebrow brush. Then apply the light shampoo eye shadow like cream or white in the inner corner of your eye for extra highlight. Mix dark shade in your eye cream. Brush with eye peel in your crease. 

4. Eyeliner with Eye Skin

You can use a liquid or pencil eyeliner on your pancake. Start from the corner of your eye to the end. Slighten the line of eyeLiner.

5. Apply mascara

For the ultimate touch of your eye, squeeze the brush into your mascar in Bosl and start at the top of your top branches. Then blur your mascara brush through your spikes, after applying a coat, apply one or two more coats until you have the desired color.

Eye Makeup

Makeup of lips

1. Moisturizer

Used to keep your litter sticks for a long time. Moisturizer of your lips is prepared for your lipstick by removing any drying. Keep a sugar or exfoliating scrub on your lips to clean it and apply a layer of lip balm. Allow the lips to sit for a few minutes on your lips.

makeup of lips

2. Lip liner

Choose a lip pencil or liner that looks closer to your natural lip color. This will help prevent lipstick from bleeding behind your lips.
Middle skin – natural colors
Olive skin – warm tone
Dark Skin – Speech, Brick, Cranberry

3. Lipstick

Once you can remove any of your additional lipstick. Take a tissue and glow in half, and then put on lipstick lips to put between your lips.
Gulvi, Ranchi, Lal, Pichalkar
Set makeup setting spray makeup.
You set the setting to makeup after making your makeup. Let’s dry up after spraying makeup. This sponge is suitable for all skin. But if you have sensitive or cerebral skin, try to avoid Spain from the distance.
M.A.C’s makeup setting spray
Biotech’s makeup setting spray

Facial Kits for shining skin

Home made face pack for Dry Skin

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