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How to make a manicure nails with a new technique and vegetable

How to make a manicure nail


We can treat nails in two ways – using dry or hot oil manicure. A hot oil manicure is a type of manicure that cleans the cuticles and softens them with herbal solution with some liquid soap or shampoo, a few drops of hydrogen peroxide and vegetable oil.
Before treatment we disinfect hands. We file nails, soak fingertips in the warm solution and then we make up the cuticle around the nail.
When we use dry manicure nails, we don´t soak nails, we only put some softening gel around the nail, we wait for a few minutes and then it´s the same way as in hot oil manicure nails.

Hand massager

Blood circulation is improved by well done massage. For the massage we use products like massage oil, emulsion, gel, etc.

Paraffin bath

It is for good blood circulation ,warming up, softening skin and for mild exfoliation. We know a few types of paraffin treatment – for example with azulene, chlorophyll or with peach extract.
We heat up paraffin in a special bath and we deep in hands. The hands are covered with wax and wrapped in a plastic foil and then covered with terry gloves. The hands are left like this for a few minutes before the paraffin is cooled and dried.

Polished nails

It´s so called Japanese manicure or P. SHINE.
This treatment is suitable for natural nails mainly for frayed, brittle nails which grow up slowly and also for thin nails.
The treatment supports blood circulation and nail growth.

polished nails
On the clean and treated nail we put some special paste and we polish it with a polished nails with the green surface. After that we put some powder on the nail and we use a polisher with the pink surface to polish is so that it gets natural and bright look.
This nail treatment takes about 30 minutes and we recommend the other same treatment after 2 or 3 weeks.
This method is suitable for women and also for men.

Nail varnish

Varnishing is very important for nails and it finishes design with clothes and make up.
On the nails for decorative effect we put 2 or 3 layers of polish.
The colour of nail polish on fingers should be adequate to nail polish on feet.
We make 3 strokes ( in the middle and then on sides). The layer of nail polish should bet he same .
Finally we apply top coat which keeps varnishing and prolongs it.

French varnish

This varnishing is still very attractive and fashionable.
This way of varnishing : We varnish free edges of nails with white polish and after they get dried we use light pinkish or apricot coloured or transparent polish.

Nail art

It depends on beautician´s fantasy or customer´s wish.
We use different combination of nail polish, we may use some nail jewels like adhesive stripes, stars and other decorations.

Narrowed varnishing

We use this method if the customer has wide nails or small hands.
We use the same way of varnishing but on sides we let an edge of about 2-3 mms which makes the optical illusion of a longer and narrower nail.

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