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How to grow nails faster and stronger treatment

1. Home Nail Sock for Wheeler, Brighter Nails

How to grow nails faster and stronger:- Concentant nail polish applications will often leave together yellowish and weak more brittle nails. On drying of the nail of the house, this will gradually remove the oily and rash and simultaneously strengthen only after 1 time use. This is a super simple culinary that you can make at home in your kitchen using home-made natural ingredients.

Items needed for home nail soak
¼ cup lemon juice
¼ cup hot water
2 tablespoons salt or baking soda

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Note: – If you have sensitive skin, eczema, psoriasis or any open cuts, wounds, or inflammation, lemon juice, do not use it. This recipe really can stomach your skin.
In a small bowl, combine all the ingredients together at the same time without mixing well.
Do not forget to remove all the signs of nail polish before frying your fingers in the nail soak.
Let them dry for 10-15 minutes.
Use a toothbrush to clean your nails for a few minutes.
Sprinkle with hot water and massage the coconut oil drop in your nails and hands or use this homemade oatmeal butter to soften the cuticles and strengthen the nails.
Do 1 Weeks a Week.

How to grow nails faster and stronger

2. DIY Nail Growth Oil

How to grow nails faster and stronger :- We all strive for long, healthy nails. But is not that easy there? While some take patience and take some time. This DIY Nail Growing Oil Works Wonders for Weaker, Barnham.
All these natural oils are formed to strengthen deep vials for deep penetration in acne beds and nail from the inside. This DIY nail growth oil with continuous use encourages oil, power, growth and shine.

DIY Nail Growth Oil
¼ cup organic coconut oil- Hydrates with deep water prevents dryness. And promote development and power.
¼ cup honey – antibacterial, antiseptic and strong
Rosemary offers 4 drops of essential oils or lavender essential oils. And prevents comfort in nails.
Add ¼ cup organic coconut oil ¼ cup honey and 4 rosemary essential oil drops in a small bowl.
Hit the microwave for 2.20 seconds.
Sock nails for 15 minutes in it. Back, relax and when you wait.
Repeat this 2 times a week for 1 month.

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How to grow nails faster and stronger treatment

Benefits of DIY Nail Growth Oil

Coconut oil

Promotes Nail Growth.
Hydles Pillars
Prevents hangings.
It contains essential fatty acid and other nutrients. Which gives shine shine to the nails.

Honey oil

Soften pots.
Scientific studies have shown that honey has the ability to prevent the development of fungus on nails.
Prevents the formation of bacteria
Promotes power and growth.

Rosemary Essential Oil

Strengthens nails
Promotes growth
Forming stops fungus and bacteria.
Wheat Nails

Pro tips

To avoid fungal infection, you should keep nails and pots dry. Your nails with water can be the worst enemy.
Take a healthy diet of omega-3, fruit and vegetables.
Massage your nails regularly to promote rapid growth.

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