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How to do makeup for party at night – White Beauty Tips

How to do makeup for party at night

Make a makeup dark and smoky eye in the night that gives your face a new look. Make a night party makeup so your skin and i like your face, Leap which gives a sophisticated look. Party Makeup Your Makeup Hairstyle Clothing that follows your makeup Make your clothes like saudi, dress, gown with your makeup hairstyle which makes your night party special.

How to do makeup for party at night

How to do makeup for party at night

  1. Elovera Prison
  2. concealer
  3. Foundation
  4. Compact Powder
  5. Blushar
  6. Highlight
  7. Eye Shadow
  8. I Liner
  9. Mascara
  10. Leap liner
  11. Lipstick
  12. Lipglos
  13. Makeup setting spray

Night Party Makeup Process

Wash your face with clean water. Clear the face with a towel.

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Face Makeup

1. Elovera Prison

To keep your makeup longlestine before making a makeup, apply an allover gel (moisturizer) on your face and also lighten your hands.

2. Concealer (Maybelline concealer)

The concealer hides the dark circle beneath your eye and hides a small stain in the forearm, making it bland with makeup look or with the fingers of your hands giving good coverage to hide the dark circle below the eye.

3. Foundation (Maybelline 332 shed)

Follow your skin to find a foundation that your skin has a match. The maybelline Foundation gives a good natural glow to your face. The dark spots on your skin hide small acne. Blend with makeup sponge. This shade gives a golden look.

4. Compact Powder (L’Oreal Paris)

Use Compact Powder to hide the concealer and foundation and hide your makeup. Apply powder to the bottom of the eye with a brush. Which gives good coverage.

5. Blushar (M.A.C.)

Blusher Shade the midi pink color on both cheeks on your makeup, which gives a beautiful look to your cheek and gives a look that shows shining looks at your party.

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6. Highlight (Maybelline / M.A.C.)

After the completion of the makeup, after the blushing is done, the shining gently with a powder brush will be provided. Highlighting on the forehead, nose, stomach, which makes a good glow on the face.

Eye Makeup

7. Concealer

Concealer eyes that make your eye makeup look good, which is the second part of makeup. Eye of the eye

8. Eye Shadow

If you want to shade your clothes like shades, you can choose a red color like a seamery that appears in your eyes. After red color on your eye shade like bleaching or Normal which looks good on you, if you do not have a cummery, then do a high eye shadow by red eye shadow on your eye and also with a finger.

9. Eye liner (Maybelline eyeliner gel)

Eye-liner should be placed on your eyelid eyelid and the night time dark conduction line which pulls a little behind which gives a good look. Shape of fish like almonds

10. Mascara (Maybelline)

Mascara gives a visual and volume to your eyelid eyelid. And that’s the eyelid dark black. Use Waterproof

Makeup of lips

11. Lip liner

Lip liner gives a shape of lips that looks like a dark red liner.

12. Lipstick (L’Oreal Paris)

Use the red color on the lipstick lip which gives a nice look on your lips. Use night time.

13. Makeup Setting Spray (M.A.C.)

That keeps logging your makeup logging.

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