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Homemade hair growth oil – Best Amla Oil Tips 2019

These oils are excellent at Homemade hair growth oil. The hair that nourishes and cleansing hair removes problems like digging.
The increase in the rate of growth of the hair, which contains vitamins in this table. Improve hairline and give new hair a natural shine.

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Homemade hair growth oil – Amla Oil

1. how to make amla oil at home

Dried apron
Vegetable Oil
Almond oil

how to make amla oil at home

The way to make
Take the dried grapes and heat it with a vegetable oil in a cupboard.
When heated, add zest to the pan and stir well.
After heating, add almond oil to it, add 2 teaspoons.
Sprinkle almond oil after 5 minutes.
Sprinkle this oil with cotton cloth.
When cooled, fill this oil in a glass bottle.

Note: –
Pour homemade flame oil into the head with a ponytail-finger finger touch. Massage the head after the oil stains. Massage Criss Cross Which drops into your head and enhances hair growth.

2. How to make amla oil at home ( For the excavation )

To cut green chrysalis
Coconut Oil – 2 tablespoons
Almond oil – 2 tablespoons
Tea-Tree Oil – 2 tablespoons
Vegetable Oil

Warming vegetable oil When the heat is heated, add the green lentils to it. Boil the oil and boil the tea-oil after it is heated properly.
Add almond oil, coconut and heat it in the medium.
Fill in a bottle when Amla oil is ready.

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Note: –
Pour the oil with the oil in the head and massage with fingers.
After massage, give a steam in the head so that the prawn-like prawn in the head gets vaporized. Which removes natural shine and scalp hairs in the head.
Vegetable oil is like Vitamin E So that Vitamin E does not require a lot and Vitamin C is in almond oil. Vitamin Nutrition removes deficiency in the head.
There is no problem in the head using the use of domestic turmeric oil. So stop using chemicals in the head and use homemade items such as those which are not harmful.

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