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Home made face pack for Dry Skin || White Beauty Tips

Home made face pack for dry skin is done. And Banana Face pack can be made at home. Banana Face pack has made the skin very good.

Banana and Honey Face Pack

This pack will moisturize the skin and reduce winter aging. It provides vitamin E. And makes the skin shine with the skin.

banana face pack

Skin benefits from banana and honey face packs

  1. Banana and olive oil contain good amounts of antioxidants. Which helps remove the effects of chemicals on the skin
  2. Olive oil also helps regulate the production of your skin.
  3. This pack will give you a very comfortable, fragrant and moist effect on your skin.

Banana and Butter Face Pack

How To Make Banana And Butter Face pack Information On It.

  1. one Take a ripe banana and two teaspoons white butter.
  2. Make a paste by running banana.
banana for face
  1. Butter not available. You can use it with full raw milk.
  2. Mix banana and butter and apply them on all faces.
  3. In this way packs and packs can also be jazz. And create masks.

Vitamin E Face Pack

  1. one Take a ripe banana
  2. Seek a vitamin E capsule.
Vitamin E Face Pack
  1. How to create and apply vitamin E Face packs.
  2. Attach the incremental components and apply them on the face then leave for 20 minutes.
  3. You can also add rose water and chapati powder to more hydration.

Banana and yogurt face mask

  1. A one ripe banana and two tablespoons yogurt.
  2. This will hydrating your skin and remove excess skin from the skin.

Banana and lemon face mask

  1. A one banana and a spoon lemon juice.
  2. How to make banana and lemon juice mask.
lemon face mask
  1. Make both of these sweet and leave for 15 minutes and Bananas are rich in Vitamin A, B and E works. It works to reduce premature aging of skin damage.
  2. Lemon face masks is softening the skin.
  3. It removes light gray stains.
  4. This is super effective for the deficient skin.

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