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Are you afraid of the amount of hair you lose? If you are one of those people who are tired of trying to redo your hair spa. But they have failed. So there are two words for you.

Hair Spa: – A Hair Spa Treatment strengthens your nourishes and hair gums, and is designed to relieve the scalp and roots of your hair. After all, aiding damage or disfigured hair natural augmentation again. When one day losing 100-200 hair a day is common. The one you want is a hair spa.

You can try sitting at home on a hair spa process.

1. Start with shampoo

The basic hair starts with SPE process washing hair with shampoo. It usually starts with gradually massaging your scalp with a shampoo. And every strand of hair works its way down the road. It lasts more than 10 to 15 minutes. Which keeps you uncomfortable and calm throughout your life. The way the shampoo goes, they put the skin on the skull.

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Washing your hair helps to clean your hair, glue and sweaty hair. Which will cover your scalp. Once your hair is fully cleaned, then it is ready to dry in the nutrients of creams and oils.

hair spa

2. hair spa conditioner

After shampooing, we look forward to the sharp conditioning of your damaged hair. Most salon and urbanclap have used a brand-conditioner of your shampoo. When this same brand is used. It happens this often. But if you choose the condition of another brand that knows exactly what your hair needs.

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It also works. The hair spa conditioner is applied above the hair and on your skull. After washing your hair, extract excess water and apply conditioner, let it stay for 2 minutes then wash it with cold water.

hair spa conditioner

3. Apply hair spa creams

Any hair spa is incomplete without the application of special hair spa creams. If you want to make home spas at home, this is the most decisive step. Pour the cream into the bowl and put the brush in hand to apply the creams. Use wrist and clips to make 6 sections on your head. Now apply creams in each section using the brush one after the other. Each section has to be sub-divided so that the creams apply to the hair.

hair spa creams

Sharpen your head after having creams in your head. This process gives comfort to your mind and sense. And gives light. This process can be done easily for 20 minutes.

4. Hair Spa Steam

In most salon, heat treatment is provided by a steam machine for hair spa. But while doing a hair spa at home, instead of towel (dipped in hot water, excess water is washed away), it works better than steam machine. Helps open the heat holes. And through your skull the nutrients are able to absorb more rapid absorption.

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To keep your hair healthy and nutritious, you can follow these steps to make a home hair spa. Your hair starts by heating oil with hot coconut oil. Then it’s conditioning by shampooing. On top of it lay a holiday-on mask. After which they use holiday-in creams. And then give Steam.

steam machine for hair spa
• How many minutes of steam giving creams in the head.

Minutes of hair length and hair steam
Length of the shoulder – 45 minutes
Height above the waist – 60 minutes
Waist lower length – 75 minutes

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