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Green tea facepack – Green tea face mask || Homemade

How To Make Homemade Green Tea Facepack + Facemask This process is done in 5 different ways. This process makes your face shine.

Homemade green tea Facepack + Facemask

Green tea facepack

1. Green tea cleaner

Pages of tea = 2 (non-tea leaf Tea-Tree oil)
Basement – 2 tablespoons
Water – Roses

Green tea facepack :- Take ½ bitter water and if you have tea leaves in the water, place two leaves. Live for quarter hour.
Bubble water color will change after quarter hour. Give it a chance to cool down. Keep it cool for several minutes and after washing your face. The high attitude of using tea to wash the face is as it is hot.
This hot tea acts as a steam for the face. And it rinses skin holes.

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2. Green tea toner

Mix these leaves inside the cleaner system.
Once you leave the tea leaves cleaner mixture
Two drops of Tea Tree oil to boil and put tea leaves in it.
Fill in spray bottle when cooling.
As a toner you can use.
Bathtime The throwing toner in your water gives your skin good nutrition.

3. Tea leaf mask

2 teaspoons – honey
2 tablespoons – this leaf cleaner
1 teaspoon – turmeric

Green tea face mask

Take a glass bowl. Crush the leaves of green leaves and paste them.
Prepare a mask in a bowl of tea leaf paste, honey, turmeric.
Wash the mouth with a towel with cold water before applying face.
Before clearing this mask with the mouth, massage the water wad and massage it for 2 minutes.
Clean with a piece of cotton.

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Note: – This is a solution of the problem of dark circles, acne, which resides in your mouth.

4. Tea leaf massage

1 teaspoon of tea leaf sprinkled water
Aloe vera – 2 tablespoons
Honey – 1 teaspoon

In a glass bowl, apply the tea water of the pan, stirring the aloe vera gel, honey, for 3 minutes.
Clean your mouth with a piece of cotton before putting it on the face.
Massage the teaspoon green leaf massage for 10 minutes lightly.
Allow your body to dry for 2 minutes by drying up so that it cleanses the blankets on your face which should come in the skin holes.
Wipe the mouth with hollow water.

5. Green tea leaf oil (Night Oil)

The leafy leaves of the leafy leaves
Olive Oil (Coconut Oil)

Green Tea Pappel + Olive Oil + Aloe vera paste in a glass bowl.
Massage this one oil in the mouth for 5 minutes in night time.
After this massage, clean the skin with cotton white clothes. The garbage appears on your face.
To prepare green tea leaves, prepare yogurt in it for 10 minutes and give it a nice result.

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