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Face packs for oily skin in summer – Six Easy Step

Face packs for oily skin in summer

Face packs for oily skin in summer :- The intensity of daytime and the time of exit from the house is that you are out of the house or with a sweaty feeling when you are at home. This season is the main time for all types of skin problems. Especially for oily and acne prone skin.
Summer is a summer oil secretion for people with a skin type. Skin solutions and treatments can be very costly for problems of sweating and dirt related breakouts and other skin problems.

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Homemade Face packs for oily skin in summer

Face packs for oily skin in summer

1. Neem, Rosewater and Orange Facemask

Material: – Neem, Orange, Sandalwood, Mullah Mitti, Honey, Lemon Sharbat, Rose Water

How to prepare: –
Gather together equal amounts of clay powder of Neem, Orange, Champ and Mulla. You can easily find it in Ayurvedic Store. I recommend blitzing them together in sweet grinder to get the sweetness, then stock it in a jar for later use.
Add lemon juice to TSP or two and one quarter of honey and half teaspoon.
Finally add a rose to make a paste easier. And apply for 15-20 minutes on your face and neck. Wash even with clean water even though it is not dry.

2. Orange and Oats Face Pack

Material: – Fresh orange, oats, honey, egg white or dahi

How to prepare: –
If you can find some fresh orange then put it to use. Add 3 teaspoons of oats, 1 teaspoon honey, fresh orange juice, 2 teaspoons and 1 teaspoon of egg white or yogurt.
Use light circular motion to wash for a light shrub.

3. Rice flour and turmeric face pack

Material :– Rice flour, turmeric, honey, cucumber juice

How to prepare: –
To make a simple paste, fill 3 tablespoons rice flour, pinch of turmeric, 1 teaspoon honey and cucumber juice.
It can also be made in large quantities to get a body pack.

4. Almond & Honey Face Mask

Material: – Almond, Honey

How to prepare: –
Fill about 10 almonds overnight and make them in a nice paste the next morning.
Add one teaspoon of honey to it and apply it on your face.
Wash after 15 minutes.

5. Tomato Juice Face Pack

Material: – Tomato juice, rice flour, honey

How to prepare: –
Just mix some fresh tomato juice with 3 tablespoons rice flour and 1 teaspoon honey.
Alternatively, if you press on time, put half tomato on your skin for 15 minutes in a circular motion.

6. Multani mitti face packs

Material: – Multani mitti, rose water

How to prepare: –
Last but not least is the easiest you can do. Put together Multani mitti and rose water and apply it to your face and neck. Put a dry stool in the rose water on your eyes.

Some facts: –
Rose water and cucumber juice help to tone the skin.
Contains lemon, turmeric and powdered antiseptic guns.
Helps to absorb mulberry clay, rice flour, tomatoes and orange oil, and control its secretion.
Helps recover from Honey, Lemon Scars and dark spots.
Eggs white and oats tighten the skin and nuts make your skin soft and smooth.

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