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It is necessary to Face Clean Up for bright-blamed skin, dead body cells and dust free. You need to clean up your face to make your face brighter. face clean up at home. Doing this will make your skin look good.

face clean up at home

Face Clean Up

1. Cleaning

For bright, glowing skin, we should keep clean. We should clean it with raw milk, clean up face it with a pouch of cotton or cotton. Clear your face to disinfect your skin and remove any of the raw milk. Face Clean Up the steam and then the thick face clean up tissues until your skin stays (about 5 minutes). This works for oily skin clean up. Massage your face using a solid (rounded motion) of ice.

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2. Scabbing

Apply a facial for a few minutes and apply it. Helps to remove dead skin cells. Which softens your skin.
Rice flour + honey + sugar
Massage your face for 10 minutes and leave it for 3 minutes. Which removes problems like your blacet, dark circles. Gives a good glow.

3. Face Pack

Your skin type is different. The Moisturizing face pack improves your skin. Tone improves your skin. Which includes Multan Mitti. Is there. Tomato pack, Neem + honey + Melty’s face pack which creates a skin tetaning and a good glow and glowing.

4. Tanning

Use toner made from your face home. Put a rose leaf + hot water into a toner, which is non-chemical so that our skin does not cause any kind of damage.

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Note:- Applying the moisturizer creams in the area of the neck and applying Aloe Vera by massage for 5 minutes. Then wash with water. Put cucumber slices on dark circles for dark circles.

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