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Daily skin care routine at home – Best Easy 6 Step

Daily skin care routine at home

Daily Skin Care Routine at Home Best Tips. Need to take care of cracks, wrinkles or a similar screen. Depending on the type of skin your skin needs to do a lot to keep your skin healthy and beautiful. How to customize your skin regularly.

Daily skin care routine at home 

Best Easy 5 Step Learn What do you use and what to do with your skin. And what are the benefits on your skin?

Learn about 6 types of skin.

  1. Normal skin
  2. Oily skin
  3. Dry Skin
  4. Combination Skin
  5. Sensitive skin
  6. Aging Skin

1. Normal skin

Very Important to Daily skin care routine at home at Normal skin.  The normal skin looks balanced. That is, it feels dry and naturally feels oily or sensitive.

What to do regularly for normal skin care

Morning Routine
Clear: – Clear your skin with soft sulfate-free embryos. Sulfate-Free Cleaners Do not Dry Your Skin A good way to get rid of any excess oil or thorns that can be fixed in your skin.
Tone: – Use toner with natural components like rosewater.
Helps protect your skin while protecting from the sun using the male formulation with SPF. Find something from SPF worth 25 or more. Non-comedogenic

Night Routine
Clear: – Use the cleaner.
Tone: – Use toner for regular
Serum: – Invest in antioxidant serum. This serum helps improve your skin’s nutrients and its conservation. Elements of algae and vitamin C are also included. Make your skin vibrant Keep an eye out to regenerate elements such as rosemary and paper. Glycolic acid is soft on your skin.

2. Oily skin

If you keep on continuously washing or cleansing your skin, you have skin skin. There are large sebaceous glands to produce more oil in oily skin. This skin type is usually inherited in genetically. And it is effective for acne.

What to do regularly for oily skin care

Morning Routine
Clear: – If you have oily skin then do the yarn. It is important to invest in fashion. Keep an eye out for sulfate-free products. Your skin will control the oil by reducing the risk of drying.
Tone: – Sodium PCA is a way to go while working with alcohol-free toner oily skin with ingredients such as witch hazel or geranium. These scratching ingredients help to refine your skin and refine without harming your skin or dehydrate your skin.
SPF: – If you have oily skin, slitting on sunscreen is not the most attractive idea. Sunscreen with zinc oxide can make a difference in your skin hearing regimen. When the production breaks out, the matte leaves your skin with finery. Honesty is also the win.

Night Routine
Clear: – Use cleansing.
Tone: – Use a regular toner.
Serum: – Alpha-hydroxy acid and bit-hydroxy acid help improve the appearance of large holes. When fading dark spots they make your skin even brighter.

3. Dry Skin

Dry skin has a moisture barrier. By which the moisture day spreads the ocean. This skin type looks stuck. And easily happens im. Dry skin is more susceptible to premature aging than other skin types.

What to do regularly for dry skin care

Morning Routine
Clear: – Clear the mouth with light warm water.
Tone: – Tuners with materials like cucumber and aloe vera help to clean your face while keeping hydrated.
Antioxantant serum: – Strengthens your skin.
SPF (Moisturizer): – Invest in Hydration Moisturizer for Aromatic Skin. And for at least one with SPF 15.

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Night Routine
Clear: – Czotonner
Tone: – Rosatom
Serum: – Retinal serum covers your skin. Dead skin scars will cease.
Eye Cream: – Eye cream Night Time is Pregnant. Which removes your eye’s trunks and irasem like dark circles.

4. Combination skin

daily skin care routine for indian combination skin:- If your skin has more than one texture. That is if some places are dry. And others are oily. So it’s likely that you have a Combination skin. People with mixed skin feel healthy around their T-zone and elsewhere.

What to do regularly for Combination skin care

Morning Routine
Clear: – Fashionwash / Tone
When skin does not need to use oil free Moisturizer, then the mild lighter Moisturizer will invest, which will control your skin keeping your skin hydrated.

Night Routine
Clear: – Use the same cleaner as the morning you use.
Tone: – Use toner for tonight.
Serum: – Oily skin is given for. Follow the apply by applying retinol serum, which will help in cutting out your skin while preventing fine lines.

5. Sensitive Skin

The sensitive skin is resistant to information more than other skin types. If you get red patches on your skin. And are more susceptible to acne. It is possible that you have sensitive skin.

What to do regularly for sensitive skin care

Morning Routine
Clear: – Use lotion. This will help the skin to dirt without irritating.
Tone: – Contains ingredients such as green tea, camomile and beta-glucan as it is anti-inflammatory.
SPF: – For oil-based skin.

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Night Routine
Clear: – Use the same cleaner that you use in the morning.
Tone: – Do the same as the toner you use.
Do the same as you use the mochurizer in the morning.

  1. Jail Mask
  2. Lactic acid serum

6. Aging Skin

There are three factors in aging skin. Fine, lines, wrinkles, dark spots and skin setting, dry skin is faster than other skin types. And therefore, skin care is the same for both aging and anesthetic skin.

What to do regularly for aging skin care

Morning routine
Clear: – Fashionable
Tone: – Toner containing alpha-hydroxides and beta hydroxy acid. Helps spread the dark spots of the skin to shine.
Serum: – Apply antioxidant serum. Because these healthy skin cells will help keep your skin healthy while promoting turnover.

Night Routine
Clear And Tone Use
Serum: – Brilliance is better for skin

For all skin type

• Wash your face twice
• Remove your makeup
• Make your skin moist
• Full shower and hot shower
• Be hydrated
• Get 8 hours of sleep
• Sunscreen

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Daily skin care routine at home 

According to the information above you can also maintain your skin sitting at home. If you feel good about this post, please comment and tell us. Thankyou………..

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