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College girls makeup – Easy makeup for college girls

College girls makeup Every girl wants to look perfect and show off her flawless skin when she goes to college. But when it comes to makeup, most of the girls tend to follow the latest trends blindly without actually knowing the basics and the correct procedure to wear it.

college girls makeup

The black circle below your eye should be used to hide the sperm with the eye cream on the spin. After finishing medium coverage (according to your skin) and blending with a finger or sponge.

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College girls makeup

1. Choose a foundation that matches your skin

Apply it to the dots on your face’s central part. Then mix it with a sponge or with your fingers. As long as your face covers.

2. Use the powder to keep the foundation or the container for a long time

When you go to home or college or to go to the sun, apply a compact powder to the console or foundation that does not come out of your skin.

3. Eyebrow Pencil

Pencil space is used in the jail line and eyebrow shadow is used. So the eyebrow looks black.

4. Choose 3 shades of eye shadow

Light, medium and dark Use only Shyam in the upper eyelid line. Use medium shade and smallest shadow for area for eyebrow crease.

5. Eyeliner

Use a delicate thin liner brush and the lashes are done below. If the eye wants to make a ferry liner on the eyelid, then give a fish shape.

6. Eye Mascara

Choose brown mascara if your color is appropriate. Black or brown color gives a better volume.

7. Lip liner

Using a liner to do your lipstick that shapes your lips.

8. Lipstick

Lipsticks on the basis of your clothes, lipglows, which gives a look like a glamorous look.

9. Blushar

In a triangle like your cheek, you should blush with a pitch pink color so that your cheek gives a good look.

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Information as above Easy makeup for college girls Tips And that’s why, we have come up with a tutorial for the perfect makeup for college girls.

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