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Brown sugar scrub – Peach Body Scrub | White Beauty Tips

Many body-Brown sugar scrub recipes are rotating around. But when making something, some crazy ingredients of some complex disorders can turn this kind of scratching into any type of “taste” into a scrub.

Brown sugar scrub

What you need to make a Brown Sugar Peach body scrub.

Only 4 elements You probably only have to take some pitch, but the second thing is that I do 3 things that you do. This is how you make a super simple body peach sugar scrub.

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brown sugar scrub

2 ripe pitch hidden
2/3 C. Brown Sugar
2/3 c. White sugar
2/3 c. Olive oil (can use other oils)
Coconuts, nuts or grapeseed

Mix ingredients in the middle bowl. After spraying from the bath, use a shrub generously on your skin and close again for a minute.

Note: – Pluck does not need to peel. Not only can the slice and mesh be able to resist the o So pick up a set of beautiful tags for this with a scrub.
You can sprinkle in a container and this print belts can be done at any time of the year.

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Brown Sugar Scrub which opens the skin of your skin and gives a new nipple. Which is the essential scrub for skin nutrition.
Brown sugar scrub should be done twice a week which removes dirt in the skin.

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