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Beauty uses for vaseline – White Beauty Tips 2019

Makeup and beauty uses for vaseline – petroleum jelly for skin whitening

1. Matte lipstick and glossy boost

Beauty uses for vaseline :- Mix your favorite matte lipstick with a little jelly on your back. Then apply the lips on your lips with a brush.

Beauty uses for vaseline

2. Keep your teeth lipstick

Before applying lipstick, apply the thin layer of jelly to your front teeth. Your lipstick will not stick to the jelly and you can clean it later.

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3. Exfoliate for super soft lips

Put a thick layer of jelly on your lips and let it sit for a few minutes. Then clean your lips cleanly with a clean toothbrush and clean your lips.

4. Make flavored lips gloss

Add a little bit of full-aid drink powder to your jelly for a smooth flavored lip gloss. You can also make chocolate lip gloss by melting chocolate chips in some jelly in your microwave.

5. Control uncontrolled eyebrow

The jelly dub will help keep your eyebrow attractive and glowing.

6. Use as mascara

Apply jelly to your whip with a clean mascara wand for the micro-boost of volley.

7. Boost Your Makeup

The Best Beauty uses for vaseline To add a div glow apply a small mount of jelly below your blush. Apply jelly below the eye shadow to give it a glossier look. You can also mix it with a sticky color for cream blush.

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8. Dry Skin

Before you go to bed, apply jelly lent amount to dry hands, feet and elbows. In the morning it looks very soft in the dry areas.

9. Add shine to shine

For the purpose of shining, apply jelly to your hair tops very little and help finish mask flyways and split.

10. Lentil Hair Reparation

Hair is given by hairstyle or hairy hair. The hair changes by applying the night.

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